All digi stamp images are the property of and ┬ęKenny Kiernan. All rights are reserved. 

Purchase of a KennyK digi stamp is not the actual purchase of the artwork, but rather it is the purchase of our standard-use license, which allows the license holder to use the digi image for print purposes only, in the creation of individually handcrafted custom greeting cards and paper craft projects (for all NON-paper craft uses, such as fliers, handouts, web banners, team banners,company logos, blog mastheads, etc, print-on-demand merchandise and other commercial use, go to KennyK's clip art shop, - see below for more info).

Finished creations made with KennyK digi stamps may be sold only by the license holder, on a small scale, per-item basis. You may NOT mass produce items bearing this image with a digi purchase; this usage requires the Extended License, see below.

KennyK digi stamps may be flipped, rotated, cropped and scaled by the license holder. You may not delete any existing line work without explicit permission from Elena or KennyK, however it is permitted to ADD line work, and items and/or accessories to the image.

KennyK digi stamps (or printouts of KennyK digi stamp images) may NOT be swapped, shared, copied, sold, traded or otherwise redistributed, nor may they be used in the creation of physical stamps or non-paper craft items of any kind.

You may not post uncolored KennyK digi stamp images or KennyK pre-colored digi images on your blog or website, unless each image is credited to KennyK, contains a link to that item's page in our shop, and is covered by a watermark that effectively prevents the illegal copying and/or redistribution of the image.

For craft sheet designers, we offer a Digital Card Kit License for creating downloadable card kits and craft sheets with KennyK digis for sale through approved websites such as CraftsUPrintEmail us to apply!

For all NON-paper craft uses (such as company logos, menus, flyers, web banners, social media avatars and graphics, blog mastheads, etc. or print-on-demand merchandise and other commercial use) most of our cool, fun, sassy & sexy digi images and more are available at KennyK's clip art shop,! License directly from KennyK; no middlemen, lower prices, and more generous usage terms than stock image agencies. We are constantly adding new content - please notify us if you can't find the particular image you're looking for, we'll make it available for you ASAP! Please help spread the word, and tell your friends and colleagues who use clip art and web graphics about! For further information, please email KennyK at

If you have any questions regarding proper usage of our digi stamps, please email us at Thanks very much for your support - Happy Crafting!!!