KennyKdownloads Gift Certificates are available for any value that you choose to purchase, and are redeemable only for downloadable purchases at

How do I purchase a KennyKdownloads Gift Certificate?

It's easy! Email us with your requested Gift Certificate value in US dollars (don't worry if your native currency is not US dollars, see below). We will email you a Paypal Invoice for that amount. Upon receipt of your payment, we will email you the Gift Certificate you've purchased, which displays the certificate's value and single-use coupon code. You may email the Gift Certificate to your recipient, print it out and deliver it to them by hand, send it to them in a card - present it to them however you'd like, it's your choice!

How does it work?

Upon checkout, the Gift Certificate's value is subtracted from the purchase total by entering a one-time-only coupon code. Your recipient must redeem the full value of the Gift Certificate in a single purchase. The certificate may not be redeemed for partial value in one purchase, then redeemed again for the remaining balance during a later purchase; the coupon code for each gift certificate works only once.

What if my native currency isn't US dollars?

No problem! Paypal automatically converts the currency for your transaction when you pay our Invoice.

How long is the Gift Certificate good for?

The Gift Certificate is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

I have other questions...

No problem here, either! Email us with your questions - we'll get back to you ASAP!