What are digital stamps?

Digital (or "digi") stamps are black and white image files that are downloaded onto a computer where they can be manipulated and printed, then colored and cut out by hand in the creation of custom cards, scrapbooking and other paper craft projects. Digi stamps offer a wider range of options to the artist than traditional rubber stamps, because the images can be resized, flipped (creating a mirror image) or manipulated in other ways before being printed out and colored. Also, despite the name, there is no actual physical stamp; a digi stamp is just the image file.

How do I buy?

Click on one of the digi stamp thumbnail preview images to go to that item's Content Shelf "Add To Cart" page. Upon checkout you will be asked to login to your KennyK account (or to create a new one, if it's your first time - it's easy!). We accept PayPal and major credit cards. Once your transaction is completed, go back to your purchase confirmation page to see the links to download your purchases. Once you've made a purchase with your new account, you may login to the Content Shelf User Dashboard at any time to view your past purchases (click "Content" at upper left if your purchases are not already displayed right there on the page), and download again, as many times as you like!

How long does it take to receive my images? 

It's immediate - your links are right there on your purchase confirmation page (see above).

What is there's a problem with my download?

No worries! If there's ever a problem with your download, just email us at digis@kennykdownloads.com with the copy of your your receipt email, and we'll email you the files ourselves!

What file format do the digi stamps come in? Are they for Mac or PC?

Our digi stamps are high-resolution (300 dpi) transparent PNG files, roughly 1200 pixels on the longest side. They work on both Mac and PC.

How many times can I print the images I download? 

You can print the digi stamp images as many times as you like, and for as many projects as you want!

Can I re-sell the digi stamp, or sell a printout of the digi stamp image?

No. Digi stamps are for use by the purchaser only and are not transferable. See our Terms Of Use for more information.

Can I sell cards I make with KennyK Downloads images?

Yes! KennyKdownloads.com is an angel company, meaning the purchaser is free to sell the cards and crafts you make with our images on a small -scale, per-item basis. See our Terms Of Use for more information.

Other questions? Please email Elena and Kenny at digis@kennykdownloads.com, we are here to help -- thanks for your support!